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  • Order Cakes Online in Bathinda
  • Order Cakes Online in Bathinda
  • Order Cakes Online in Bathinda


Every bride deserves her own fairy tale. We strive to help her achieve that dream with beautiful and economical cakes. Have a birthday or anniversary coming up?

Call us today for an experience that will leave that special person smiling. Kids birthdays are always fun, surprise them with a unique one of a kind cake.


The company is appreciated for being a Manufacturer and Supplier of a delicious and healthy range of Biscuits. We provide Biscuits that are made using the best available quality of ingredients.

Our range of Biscuits includes Butter Biscuits, Coconut Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Glucose Biscuits, Marie Biscuits and Salty Biscuits.


We've been serving delicious patties in the heart of Bathinda since 1994. Some of our most popular dishes include the veg patty, the Spicy aloo patty, and our fantastic Mashroom patties.


Pastries are one of our specialties at National Baker's. We offer over a dozen different types and styles. A few of our pastry recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and are a closely guarded secrete. They have come to be know as some of the best quality examples of their kind in the city. Be sure to try out our “Best in the City” Hand Made Pastries and Rum Balls.